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About The Abilities In Me Book Series

Welcome to my first blog. How exciting.
I thought I would do an intro. I am an upcoming author for a children’s picture book series, based on characters of young children with varying disabilities.
Each book will feature a child with a condition, and we aim to create a bright, colourful and positive outlook on every child with special needs. We are all unique and beautiful in every way, shape and form. This collection of books will show how each child can celebrate their abilities within their disability, find acceptance and create awareness to those around them. These books will touch the hearts of your homes, schools and hospital settings, and most importantly, your child will have a book to read, based on a special character, just like them. ❤
Many children are born with defects, some are diagnosed later in life or have an impacting illness/sudden event that leaves them with a lifelong disability. However, as families of children in need. We all know that beyond the disabilities, our children have so many abilities.
Children with disabilities are known to be the most vulnerable and targets to bullies and I truly believe this is all down to lack of understanding, they get judged for being different? But why? Why is this still happening? Children are taught many subjects but learning about differences and acceptance is KEY and that’s not just a “be kind” approach it’s explaining that this child has this particular condition and we need to all support, love and encourage. My idea is to bring a fun illustrated storybook on as many characters as possible so we can give teachers a way to engage children into a “day in the life” adventure. 
Basically, I started the series with a book on my son. He has a condition called 22q (DiGeorge Syndrome) but I didn’t stop here, I couldn’t bare the thought of only him having this opportunity of having a character book, just like him! I want all children with needs to have one too. It's so important for me to gain inside family knowledge also, so I will be meeting with families and attending support groups along the way. I will try and post a blog each week to keep you up to date!! I will also send out email alerts to inform of you of release dates and events. 
Please if you have any ideas, or would like to see a book feature your child’s condition please message me. I get round to responding as quickly as I can. 
Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you. 
Gemma Keir - Author
Gemma Keir - Author