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Our 22q character

22q Children's Book Series Character

This book is dedicated to children born with a condition called 22q also known as DiGeorge Syndrome.

22q is caused by a missing part of chromosome 22 in each cell. The deletion occurs near the middle of the chromosome on the q arm at a location known as q11.2. There are upto 180 different symptoms all together.

Our aim for this picture book is to explain to young children about 22q (we won’t be technical to three year olds). We are going to explore a day in the life for this character with bright, colourful illustration and text to explain to children a little more of who they are, and what they are capable of. That they are beautifully unique and can be accepted and treated equally.

This will also be a wonderful storybook for a classroom teacher to read in a class setting, a parent who’s child has recently been diagnosed and for those children with 22q to read a character story based on a child like them! This will bring awareness and will teach children from a young age how to get involved, support and be kind. I have dedicated this book to my wonderful superhero son and for all the 22q families out there. 

I would like to think that families who do not know of 22q would also purchase this book to teach their children of the many conditions and challenges other children face.