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Our CHD character

CHD Children's Book Series Character

This book is dedicated to the wonderful, brave children who are born with a congenital heart defect. CHD affects 1 in 110 births. Most of those children will have to undergo major heart surgery before their 1st birthday and the majority will have to have more than one operation in their lifetime.

Many with CHD face a life-long risk of health problems such as issues with growth and eating, developmental delays, difficulty with exercise, and heart rhythm problems. These children are bright, beautiful and fun, who just want to be accepted and treated equally. From the outside you would never even know the story behind their scars.

We are going to introduce a beautiful storyline to show a day in the life of a wonderful girl who was born with half a heart, and is inspired by my friends daughter. This will also be a wonderful storybook for a classroom teacher to read in a class setting, a parent who’s child has recently been diagnosed and for those children with CHD to read a character story based on a child like them!

This will bring awareness and will teach children from a young age how to get involved, support and be kind.
I would like to think, many families who do not know of heart defects to also purchase this book to teach their children of the many conditions and challenges other children face.