Who are we?

The abilities in me is a non profit children’s book series founded by the Author, Gemma Keir in late 2018. Alongside Adam Walker-Parker Illustration, their goal was to create children's books to explain the abilities within a disability. After publishing 6 books in their first year. They continue to create awareness which brings inclusion to children around the world.

If you are non profit, where do your profits go?

All of our profits go to a good cause, which enables us to create more books. We now can provide donations and discount rates to hospitals, schools and charities. Our goal is to offer SEN support to educational settings by providing resources through The Abilities Project, which is coming soon. We also can support other charities and we have something exciting planned for Children in Need in 2021.

What books are out now?

We currently have books on:

- 22Q Deletion

- Congenital Heart Defect

- Type 1 Diabetes

- Autism

- Hydrocephalus

- Tube Feeding

- Tracheostomy

- Epilepsy

- Save Christmas special. 

Where can I buy the books?

Our books are currently available through Amazon.

How many books do you release a year?

We aim to release between 5 and 7 books a year. This all depends on the families we work with and the author and illustrators completion times.

Can I request a condition to be made into a book?

Yes! We have a request form on our website. Use the drop down menu and you can input for a condition for us to look over.

Do you offer any discounts?

We currently offer discounts to hospitals, schools and charities. Please email author@theabilitiesinme.com for more information.

What are your shipping and returns policies?

Shipping and returns is dictated by Amazon, and we have no control over their policies. 

Can I book a school visit?

Due to the covid 19 situation - We are not visiting schools in 2020, we shall be looking into Author visits into 2021. 

Absolutely! It's our goal to visit as many educational settings, as possible. 

Please get the school of your choice to contact us via customersupport@theabilitiesinme.com to book in. 

Please note, we do not charge. This is our way of spreading awareness and teaching inclusion. 

Our demand is high, so we aim to respond within 7 days. 

What is the difference between a school author visit and an inclusive book workshop?

Author - An author visit includes a 30 minute sit down in class, or an assembly. The children will receive a book read by the author, a discussion on inclusion and kindness and the school will receive a FREE book to the library, signed by the author. *Subject to availability due to high demand. 

Inclusive Workshop - We have an abilities team who volunteer and run our book workshops. On some occasions, you might get a surprise visit with the author! Our workshops include an introduction to The abilities in me book series, a book read, a range of activities and a discussion on inclusion and FREE book donated to the school's library.  

Can we use any images or text from the books?

All our books are subject to copyright. All rights are reserved. 

The moral right of the author and illustrator have been asserted. No part of the books may be reproduced, transmitted or stored in any information retrieval system in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, taping and recording, without prior permission from the copyright owners. 

Please note: The abilities in me are trademarked.  

I have another question that has not been answered on here, how do I contact you?

You can contact us via our contact form on the website, message via our social media platforms or email customersupport@theabilitiesinme.com